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Intellectual Capital


Newreka prides itself on being a knowledge centre, and our strength comes from our people. Innovative and
enterprising, our team of 50 Green Chemists and Green Chemical Engineers take Newreka a step above
the rest..

Think tank
They are the finest minds, with diverse backgrounds in chemistry and chemical engineering. With an ability to use information to solve business problems, they are ingenious innovators. They not only recognize the problems of conventional chemistry, they also design green chemistry and engineering solutions that are commercially viable.

Our team of front line Managers organize the daily research and development activities. They are not only extremely diligent but are keen observers, which is a prime requirement for any technology based company. They are team players, go-getters and excellent managers of man power and resources.

Our Bench Scale Green Chemists and Shop floor Green Engineers are the people who actually carry out the experimentation at our labs and implement the processes at the plant scale. They are diligent team who, on day to day basis, carry out hundreds of recycling loop experiments, through which they have developed a hawk-eye for details and sharp observation skills. They demonstrate working knowledge and expertise in green chemistry and engineering based solutions.