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Neutral Effluent

neutralThis is a solution for the recycling of Neutral Mother Liquor or Neutral Effluent Streams generated in unit processes like Reduction and Crystallization, which use neutral water or any solvent as the reaction or extraction medium and at the end of the process, generate neutral mother liquor effluent stream.

The Technology

The Newreka Recycle Solution (NRS) for Neutral Effluent Streams is based on the concept of selectively removing the undesired impurities from the Neutral Mother Liquor (i.e. aqueous or solvent effluent stream).

Since the composition of mother liquor or effluent streams generated, varies from molecule to molecule and process to process, development of NRS requires customization of our catalytic formulation “RCat” which removes the undesired impurities from mother liquor or effluent streams. This enables the recycling of that stream, as a reaction medium or extraction medium, as well as process or methodology for using RCat.

In most cases, NRS doesn’t require any change in our customer’s unit process. If the customer is carrying out the “Reduction Process” using water as a reaction medium and after recovery of finished product generates neutral effluent stream, then the NRS, mostly doesn’t require any change in the Reduction Process. The process is quick - the neutral effluent stream needs to be reacted with the customized “RCat”, under specific process conditions recommended by our R&D Team, and the neutral effluent stream is ready to be recycled with minor modifications.

Commercialization of NRS doesn’t require any significant modification in the plant or any major capital investment.



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