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Recycle Solutions

The essence of Recycle@SourceTM is the reduction of E-factor. Designing recycle loops is a paradigm shifting phenomena which increases productivity, yield & safety and reduces effluent load. Thus, it strengthens the three pillars of Industry - Economic, Environment and Safety. With this, the fresh water consumption is also reduced drastically. It addresses the overall environmental impact of liquid pollution.

Recycle@SourceTM involves recycle of mother liquor/effluent stream generated from a particular process step back in to the same process as reaction/extraction medium. Usually, attempt to such recycle of mother liquor leads to build-up of impurities in the system, thus affecting finished product quality.

RCat (Recycle Catalytic Formulation), is a performance additive, which selectively removes organic & inorganic impurities from the mother liquor so that when the same is being recycle, impurities don’t build-up in the system and our customer’s get consistent quality product with multiple recycle of mother liquor.

Recycle@SourceTM has been so far successfully applied to acidic, neutral, alkaline & solvent based mother liquors generated from unit processes like Reduction, Nitration, Diazotization-Hydrolysis, Methylation, Isolation, purifications, etc. It can also be applied for recycle of mother liquor from product washing.

Below are some of the case studies of Recycle@SourceTM:


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