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Case Study

Customer: Medium scale Active ntermediateI synthesizing company manufacturing versatile intermediates.
Conventional Process: the concern of customer was primarily high Reduction Time (10 - 12hrs). Also the kinetics of reduction of this Nitro was fast which was leading to exothermicity of reaction. This Increase in reduction temperature would cause yield loss of product as well as raw material.. The vessel had to be rubber lined, because of diluted HCl used for reaction didn’t allow heat removal from reactor.
Newreka Process: We developed a reduction technology that was free from HCl, and allowed using a coil or jacket for temperature control. With improved technology the faster addition of Nitro is possible within 6 hrs and hence productivity has increased.

Customer: leading Pigment manufacturing company synthesizing high volume pigmnet
Conventional Process: A highly insoluble Nitro compound was being reduced Newreka technology, in 16 hrs and it took 30 hrs for filtration. Our technology was commercialized in the year 1998 - 99. In the recent past, they were facing severe competition from China and were under tremendous pressure to cut cost.
Newreka Process: In 2006, Newreka offered a new technology wherein the same quantity of Nitro compound is reduced , in the same hardware within 8 hrs and filtration is complete within 16 hrs. This has doubled their production in the same hardware decreasing their overheads by half, huge saving in utilities and above all a 5% improvement in Yield.

Customer: Medium sized API synthesizing coming manufacturing Decongestant.
Conventional Process: Customer replaced Catalytic Hydrogenation with our technology in 2003. This technology had reduction in Water - Solvent as a reaction media In the past 3 years, there are 4 new manufacturers who entered the same product competing with our customer and due to this the price of their final product has dropped by 25%.
Newreka Process: We came up with an innovation of doing Reduction in Water (complete freedom from solvent) and integrating Reduction Step with the next step thereby eliminating three Unit Operations (isolation, centrifuging, & drying). This innovation implemented at.

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