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aWe offer Green R&D for Acetylation, to customers who use conventional acetylation technology and are interested in exploring a new technology which is safe, economically viable and environment friendly.

Our Acetylation Solution is a perfect alternate technology for conventional acetylation technologies using Acetic Anhydride as an acetylating agent.

In our R&D process, we evaluate our customer need; develop a customized Newreka Acetylation Technology (NAT), which includes customized process and customized Proprietary Catalytic Formulation. We then scale-up the process, and demonstrate a commercially viable technology at the plant.

We offer a complete solution which is Safe, Competitive And Environment Friendly.

The Technology

The Newreka Acetylation Technology (NAT) is currently under research and will soon be launched.

The technology involves a heterogeneous catalyst whereby acetylation can be carried out only with Acetic Acid. This eliminates the use of the harmful Acetic Anhydride.




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