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What We Do

Newreka offers Green Chemistry solutions that can be applied to all process related industries. Our special focus is the Pharmaceutical Industry, since it has a very high E-factor of 50-100 kgs waste per kilogram of final product. Our expertise also addresses the E-factor challenge of Industries involved in Agrochemicals, Dyes & Pigments, Speciality Chemicals, etc.

The solutions Newreka offers are ;

Making Chemistry Green
This includes re-designing unit processes or chemistries of the Industry, keeping in mind the Principles of Green Chemistry. Effluents are reduced at the source and raw materials are utilised to the maximum extent possible. Newreka has ready solutions for chemistries including Reduction, Nitration, Diazotisation and Acetylation amongst others and are called ‘Newreka Process Solutions’.Making Solvents Green
  • Replacing Solvents: This involves replacing hazardous and toxic solvents used for reaction with solvents that are not as toxic and in some cases even with water.
  • Recycling Solvents: Newreka Recycle Solutions re-utilise the water as well as organic solvents in the reaction medium by selective removal of impurities present in them.
Making Molecules Green
This includes making the entire chain of the synthesis steps involved in manufacturing of the molecule (any drug or drug intermediate), green. Here we work on both the Chemistry and Solvents, to make the entire synthesis of the molecule Green

To view Chemistries where recycle loop can be added using Newreka’s [email protected]TM Solution click here.

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