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Relevant Websites

Warner Babcock Institute of Green Chemistry, USA
The Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry is dedicated to the development of non toxic, environmentally benign and sustainable technological solutions for society.
2 Center for Green Chemistry & Green Engineering, Yale University, USA
Beyond Benign
Beyond Benign is a nonprofit focused on creating a workforce and public that is well educated in green chemistry in order to create safer materials for a thriving society.
3 Green Chemistry Network Center (GCNC)
Indian Chapter of American Chemical Society - Green Chemistry Institute, University of Delhi, India
Canadian Green Chemistry Network
The Canadian chapter of the Green Chemistry Institute "is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote green chemistry to protect human health and environment". The site provides information on GC events, names of CGCN members, and GC examples, as well as the 12 Principles of Green Chemistry.
Environmental Chemistry
This site provides chemistry, environmental and hazardous materials news, information & resources including: in depth articles; a detailed periodic table of elements; chemical database; hazmat emergency response guides; hazmat placarding information; and much more.
EPA Green Chemistry Program
EPA's Green Chemistry Program promotes the research, development, and implementation of innovative chemical technologies that accomplish pollution prevention in a scientifically sound and cost-effective manner. To accomplish these goals, the Green Chemistry Program recognizes and supports chemical technologies that reduce or eliminate the use or generation of hazardous substances during the design, manufacture, and use of chemical products and processes.
American Chemical Society - Green Chemistry Institute
Green Chemistry Institute accesses information on chemical research, conferences and symposia around the world, with links to journal extracts, recent publications, and new projects such as the new green chemistry centers springing up around the world.
Green Chemistry Network
The main aim of the Green Chemistry Network is to promote awareness and facilitate education, training and of Green Chemistry in industry, commerce, academia and schools. Site contains a database on Green Chemistry, listing of events (e.g. workshops, conferences, most of which are in the UK), useful topic-based searchable mbers' database, very useful list of recent scientific publications on green chemistry.
Greener Education Materials for Chemists
An interactive database of education materials focused on green chemistry. Available in June 2005, a comprehensive resource of education materials including laboratory exercises, lecture materials, course syllabi and multimedia content that illustrate chemical concepts important for green chemistry. Each entry includes a description of the item and is searchable by a variety of parameters, including chemistry concepts, laboratory techniques, green chemistry principles, and target audience.
Royal Chemical Society, UK
Green Chemistry is the leading journal in it’s field with an impact factor of 4.836, published by the Royal Society of Chemistry. Green Chemistry publishes communications, full papers and reviews on research that relates to reducing the environmental impact of chemicals and fuels by developing alternative, sustainable technologies.
Department Science & Technology, Govt. of India (Green Chemistry Task Force)
The Department of Science & Technology plays a pivotal role in promotion of science & technology in India. The department has wide ranging activities ranging from promoting high end basic research and development of cutting edge technologies to service the technological requirements through development of appropriate skills and technologies.
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arow Green Chemistry: Challenging Perspectives
Anastas, Paul and Pietro Tundo
arow Green Chemistry: Theory and Practices
Anastas, Paul T. and John C. Warner, Eds
arow Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature
Benyus, Janine M.
arow Green to Gold: How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage
Esty, Daniel C. and Andrew S. Winston
arow Comprehensive Organic Reactions in Aqueous Media, 2nd Edition
Chan, Tak-Hang and Chao-Jun Li
arow Going Green: Integrating Green Chemistry into the Curriculum
Parent, Kathryn, and Mary Kirchhoff, Eds.


arow Environmental Science & Technology
ACS Publications
arow Chemical Reviews
ACS Publications
arow Green Chemistry
Royal Society of Chemistry
arow Green Chemistry Letters & Reviews
Taylor & Francis

Academic Research Groups

arow Carnegie Mellon Institute for Green Science
arow Eötvös University - Dept. of Chemical Technology & Environmental Chemistry
arow Green Chemistry at the University of Oregon
arow Harvard Center for International Development, Sustainability Science Program
arow McGill University Green Chemistry and Orgnaic Synthesis Laboratory
arow Monash University Centre for Green Chemistry
arow Queen’s University Belfast: Ionic Liquid Laboratories
arow University of Delaware - Affordable Composites from Renewable Sources
arow University of Nottingham Clean Technology Group
arow University of Pittsburgh: The Mascaro Sustainability Initiative
arow University of York: Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence
arow Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry
arow Yale Chemical Engineering Department
arow Yale Chemistry Department
arow Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies


arow ACS Green Chemistry Institute
arow SusChem
arow AIChE Institute for Sustainability

Canadian Green Chemistry Network

arow Green & Sustainable Chemistry Network (Japan)
arow RSC Green Chemistry Network
arow Wilson Center Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies