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Lab Assistants

Rohidas Patil, Green Assistant, Dombivali

I have been in Newreka Green Synth for last two years, during this span, I have observed free working environment in our laboratory. All Green Chemist & Green Engineers are co-operative in nature. Thanks to all team member & senior management.

Vishal Bedekar, Green Assistant, Dombivali

Vishal Bedekar, Green Assistant, from RD Dombivali. Newreka is a GREEN process development firm, to developing 100 % GREEN & CLEAN technologies. I have personally observed & experience the implementation of 12 green principles in our RD Dombivali processes like recycle of mother liquor, water etc. My sincere thanks to our Directors Mr. Bhadresh K. Padia, Mr. Nitesh Mehta, who are the creators and inventors of Green process in India.

Muneer Shaikh, Sr. Green Assistant, Solapur

I joined Newreka in December 2004 as Lab assistant. I had no experience of any working when I join. Here I learned so many things & generated interest in chemistry working even if I don’t know theory. My seniors helped me in all possible ways so that I can grow. Also they taught me to be a good human being. I feel proud to be a team member of Newrka because we contribute in making our earth free from pollution. This is our current need & responsibility. In my journey of these 6years in Newreka, I grew as human being & in knowledge. This has encouraged me to study further. I thank my seniors for all the support.

Ramesh Rathod, Green Assistant, Bilimora

I am working with Newreka since last 3 years and my experience is of very friendly work environment. Here I have learnt how to do Team work and communication with various team members. I am thankful to my seniors for training me.

Naresh Patel, Green Assistant, Bilimora

I am working with Newreka since last two and half years and my experience is like working in family and not in organization. Here I have learnt how to handle responsibility and do work more effectively.

Nagnath Gaikwad, Green Assistant, Solapur

I had joined the Newreka team on 25th June 2010 as a Lab assistant. I don’t have any experience before that working as a Lab assistant. When I came here I had got the information in every field. Newreka team works on a “Industrial Green chemistry” and it also minimizes the pollution of various industries. I also got information about time management in Newreka. The Newreka team member support and its healthy and free environment encourage me to work in it.

Devdas Nandgaokar, Watchman

I am working in Newreka since 6 years, during these 6 years. I observed very enthusiastic environment in this company. All the team members are very helpful and co-operative in nature. I have observed all chemists, engineers working sincerely and whole heartedly. I feel very happy to find this type of joyful Environment. Thanks to all team members who are concerned with Newreka