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Newreka is an opportunity to learn and grow. Its an environment full of opportunities to create and implement ground breaking technologies. Technologies that are safe, pure and most importantly non-polluting.

It is a definite opportunity to build a cleaner and safer planet. Our people don’t follow any benchmarks, they set them. Whether it is replacing polluting acids or creating a technology, which uses water as a solvent and recycles it, every experiment sets a precedent. We welcome you to contribute in creating an Industrial ecology that forwards the application of Green Chemistry and Green Engineering technologies not as an alternative but as part of their synthesis.

Team Speak

Dr. Komal Maheswari, ‘Green’ R&D Manager,

I got interested in Green Chemistry during my doctoral research for its potential to be transformative. When I got an opportunity to work with Newreka, I was thrilled to grab it, as it allowed me to design things that are safe right from its conception. At Newreka I have got an opportunity to come out of the conventional science and plunge into creative and out of box thinking that produces concrete solutions, which are environmentally benign.

What inspire me, everyday at Newreka is the contagious enthusiasm, flexibility and chance to take risk and opportunity to learn and grow. Newreka is perfect place for me, because "the research that we do can really make a difference very quickly in the world. We do fundamental research that can change the way traditional chemists think about chemistry”.

Rajesh Moholkar, Senior Technologist

I am working with Newreka from January 2004, and never felt that I am doing a boring job to meet the targets of organization and earning something for my life. “Continuous learning, growing and contributing to serve a larger purpose, prepare myself capable to deal with all challenges of life with courage”, that’s what I experience at Newreka.

There is no typical corporate culture in Newreka, everybody is free to think, to work and apply their thoughts in research to give a practical solution for the problem. The kind of technical brainstorming happens on workable solution or idea, never seen before anywhere.

Everybody in Newreka experiences a healthy, friendly environment and committed for everybody’s growth, so creation became easy and we welcome the challenges for us. Everybody’s Growth is the hidden motto of Newreka.

Mohan Anvekar, Senior Technologist, Solapur

At Newreka, invention & innovation are inspired from nature. Here the space given to each team member for learning & training enhances our overall growth. Our Directors are great coaches, strong well wishers and they give big responsibilities (opportunities) to us so that we can grow and forward the possibilities which can make a difference in the quality of our environment. My value created now in society is because of Newreka. Apart from a commercial venture, we are also equally involved in creating awareness regarding green technologies at industrial, academic and educational levels.

Minesh Shah, Senior Technologist, Bilimora

Technically challenging tasks of providing recycling solutions at source is what inspires me at Newreka. Our team is committed towards creating innovative solutions for making our Earth green which at present is being polluted because of excessive usage of Chemicals. Through team work and technical expertise team, I am able to contribute to the implementation of green chemistry for saving our planet from hazardous chemicals.

Tushar Chaudhari, Technologist, Bilimora

I am working with Newreka since last 5 years and ever since then my overall experience has been excellent with Newreka team & Directors. Newreka is a knowledge based organisation working at different levels of green principles to provide environmental solutions, Newreka reduction technology (NRT) is environment friendly because the process is done at low temperature, pressure & ph with no environment damaging. Our company’s aim is just not to earn money but serve the Planet while providing partnership to each other. When I compare my work with my friends, I am proud of my work because I am able to contribute to our environment; and this is only due to Newreka. I am confident that this organisation will make our Nation proud.

Krishna Dave, Public Relations Officer

It’s been little more than a year that I am part of Newreka; however, the time spent is at no par with the wealth of wisdom gained. The work culture of this organisation is totally in-sync to its vision, commitment and values. Not only our R&D innovations, but our entire management approach is inspired from nature. Our team blooms under the leadership of our seniors. I am confident, that even if 10% of the Chemical Industry comes out with such visionary organisations, most of our environmental challenges will be addressed enormously.

Ajay Madhav Ratnaparkhi , Plant Manager, Dombivali

Working with Newreka is a learning experience. Newreka’s Vision and purpose inspires me to work determinedly. All new team members are appointed based on their vision statement. I am very grateful to our Directors for giving me the best opportunity and support. By working in Newreka I am contributing towards making our environment Green and making the Chemical Industry economically beneficial.

My friends and relatives are inspired to know about my work at Newreka. To fulfil Newreka’ s vision and aim is my future and in this way I fulfil my Parents wish also because they want to see my always happy and I am Happy working in Newreka.

Suvarna Bane, ‘Green’ R&D Incharge, Dombivli

Even after having one & half year experience in Pharma Company before joining here, I did not have any idea about green chemistry. After my interview here I came to know the Newark’s vision that is green chemistry.In my all industrial experience this is the only company which works on its terms without harming the nature.Newreka develops ecofriendly processes & I am also involved in this work so I feel very proud.My confidence level grows up because I work here on new molecules & gain knowledge. We are not under pressure, can express our own ideas and implement it.
There is now the awareness developing in the world about green chemistry and our organization is working on it today. I want to continue this noble task by developing these technologies and making self progress. I can develop myself with the development of company & this is a media to pay back to the nature & to society.

Ashwini Gunnal, ‘Green’ R&D Incharge, Solapur

I was entirely new to the world of Industrial Chemistry when I joined Newreka. I came to know about implementing Green Chemistry at commercial levels during my interview and that’s what interested me to join Newreka. It is still an unbelievable concept for the routine and rigid mindset of industrialists to accept the Green Chemistry principles but even in this challenging situation, Newreka stands firm to see through its vision of green and pollution free world.

This noble and unique vision really inspires me to continue my work in Newreka as it allows me to add my little share of contribution. One thing I like the best about our seniors and Directors is, they believe in training a person to be a good human being and not merely a good employee, they know if u r a good human, then u can cause success on every front.

Aarti Patel ‘Green’ R&D Incharge, Billimora

I am working with Newreka since past two years; my overall experience is very fulfilling because we work like one big family. I learn not only technical aspects but also human factors from our Directors. My contribution to our planet is through creating breakthrough technologies that are caused through our knowledge and honesty in work. We derive this dedication from the objective of making our world a cleaner and safer place for all.