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Green Development Engineer

Rina Prabhale, Green Development Engineer, R&D Dombivali

The impact of pollution created by various chemical companies on the environment, itself creates an interest to work on those issues so that we can provide some solution to it. Newreka has taken initiative in implementing excellent research through the domain of green Chemistry at an industry level which inspired me to work with Newreka.

The unique thing about Newreka is that they enrich our experience by allowing us to aspire our vision and goals. Our director, Mr. Bhadresh Padia, he is passionate about nature and wildlife. He is a powerful thinker. He keeps driving the spirit in all of us to meet our goal as well as he mentors individuals to grow all the way. Our director Mr. Nitesh Mehta who heads Marketing department always inspires to work with great enthusiasm & commitment. He is quick decision maker having vision to make every reactor on this planet “GREEN”. So, I feel proud being a member of such committed organization and contributing to solve environment problems.

Krishna Kumar Shukla, Green Development Engineer, R&D Dombivali

It has been over eight years since I joined as a Jr. Engineer in Newreka Green Synth Technologies Pvt. Ltd. After passing out from College, I was heading nowhere at that time Mr. Bhadresh Padia has overlooked all my inefficiencies and gave me an opportunity to work in this Organization.
Newreka is a place where I have grown up as an individual who is responsible for his way of ‘being’ in Life. Factors which are responsible for my growth are training at Lab & Plant level, unshakable faith of Bhadresh Sir & Nitesh Sir (even in time of failure in Projects they have given me another chance to Prove that I can do it), support from R&D Team; all these factors have played a vital role in my growth.

Alpa Gohil, Green Development Engineer, Bilimora

There is no boundary of knowledge in Newreka. Though largely our work profile is R&D related, however, our knowledge is not only limited to the lab level but it can even reach to plant level. Since Newreka works on the principles of green chemistry, we get an opportunity not only to make our processes green but also work on recycle technologies, this inspires me very much. I think there is no organization in India that works on green chemistry or recycle technology for such a wide range of molecules.

As we are all aware that today, our planet is facing a big problem of Global Warming. Working with Newreka, I experience that I am contributing my bit towards saving our Planet. Newreka offers solutions to various sectors of the Chemical Industry, like pharmaceuticals, dyes and intermediates.