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Green Chemists

Vivek Patil, Green Senior Chemist, R&D Dombivali

I am with Newreka since June 2006, presently I am working as a Senior Chemist. I found very friendly environment over here, people here are kind and co-operative. Each time when I work on new molecules, I gain confidence and knowledge. We are encouraged to express our own ideas and implement it. I am proud to be part of such a company which not only thinks for their success but also for our country & all human beings through the safety of our Environment.

Suchita Patil, Green Chemist, R&D Dombivali

In April-2008, I joined Newreka as a fresher. I am fortunate to work on Green Chemistry & in the direction of reducing pollution which. I enjoy the friendly Environment in Newreka. All Newreka team members including the Technical team members are quite co-operative and supportive. So, while working in Newreka I regularly get opportunities to be exposed to various new things.

Pinky Patel, Green Chemist, R&D Bilimora,

I am inspired to see that at Newreka, we use unit processes like reduction with green chemistry base. Here not only we can make processes green but also we work on recycle technologies. I am happy to work with Newreka, as we are the only company that offers opportunity to young chemists like us to save the Earth from global warming.

Sandip Patel, Green Chemist, R&D Bilimora,

I am interested to work on Recycle technologies, to create innovations for preventing water and soil pollution. I get inspired to work with Newreka because it is one of the first organisation to develop recycle technologies in reduction and nitration processes by utilizing the 12 principles of green chemistry and green engineering. My experience with Newreka is like that of family members, the Directors are excellent as they train and mentor us in many areas. I have learnt from them that “Nothing is impossible in Life. Newreka is the most popular company to work on Green Chemistry and set recycle technologies in all unit process.

Geetanjali Bapardekar, Green Chemist, Dombivali,

It is a great experience to work with Newreka. Before joining Newreka, I knew the word R&D literally but by working with Newreka ,I understood the true meaning of R&D. This R&D work not only enhanced my knowledge but also enriched my thinking ability and vision towards the environment being a chemistry student. I also learned some of engg. Concept with the help of my colleagues and by observing practically. I am sure this experience will help me forever in my career and my life.

Dimpal patel,Green chemist, Bilimora

It has been 2 years since joined as a chemist in Newreka and here I have not just cultivated a renewed confidence but has also empowered me with In this organization not only increased my thinking ability but also my communication skills. I have so many new things in this organization that will be it is useful throughout my life.

Shrivallabh V. Gosavi ‘Green’ Senior Chemist,Solapur

Almost last 7 years I am working with Newreka. It was my first science industry job. And still it is proud feeling to work in Green R&D. By joining Newreka, I came to know the Green chemistry & Green engineering. The concept of Recycle @ source is the phenomenon. The innovation at our R&D centers is based on Green chemistry route. We work on it & by no.of experiments we achieve the desired outcome. We implement & commercialized it at Customer’s premises. Here I found the real growth of myself communication is the only key to connect with people when we are on the field. The team work and senior support to commercialise the technology is amazing and it inspires all team to enjoy the work.
Overall it is Green collorjob & work with such passionate organization for implementing Green technologies is incredible.

Sonam Pawar, Green Chemist, R&D, Solapur

NEWREKA GREEN SYNTH TECH WORKS ON GREEN CHEMISTRY. It is only one of the companies which is working on the environmental pollution problem. As well as we are also working on the dyes, paper industries for reducing their impact on environment by using RECYCLE technique.
Before the joining in Newreka .I don’t know anything about the Industry & its work. When I come here I know everything about the industry & its work nature about demo.
For those who are interesting in green chemistry Newreka is a best path of future for them.
And also I am interested in research and development in working with company and so appreciate about our companies work against reduction of our environment pollution problem as well as reduction the hazardous effect of industries on environment.

Shaheen H. Khan, Green Chemist, R&D, Solapur

I had passed my BSc Biotechnology From Solapur University. And I was searching for a job. The I had got information about Newreka . Newreka team works on a “Industrial Green Chemistry” and it also minimize the pollution in various industries.I have interest in that field for that purpose I had joined the Newreka team on 23rd Feb 2012. From the date of joining I had got too much information in this field. And I am very greatful that I am working in “Newreka” because of its free and healthy environment, and senior team members support.

Rupesh Patil, Green Chemist, R&D, Dombivli

My Self Rupesh Patil working with Newreka Green Synth Technologies Pvt Limited Dombivli .I believe that we are on the face of the earth to make Chemistry Sustainable ie making chemistry Green . In future I will constantly focus on innovating Green Chemistry & I believe in the simple Chemistry not the complex Chemistry . I would like to participate in Arena where we can convert every Synthetic Reaction into a reaction based on Sustainable chemistry or Green Chemistry.
Overall I will be playing an important role in transforming my family & my surrounding with application of my knowledge, ability & skill.

ARFAT, Green Chemist, R&D, Dombivli

Myself Arfat working in Dombivli Based on my personal research, these are the main things that motivate me/bring me joy and satisfaction, Utilising my Chemical Engg knowledge for use of chemical industry & other is enjoying with my friends & family . My greatest strength is my ability to follow the direction or instruction given to me by my senior in Lab.
For green Chemistry I have a vision for converting every chemistry into green Chemistry & every reactor in this world to be touched by Green Chemistry.

Kinnari Patel, Green Chemist, R&D, Billimora

I am very inspired by the Vision of Newreka to make the World pollution free.Working with Newreka ,I understood the true meaning of R&D.This R&D work not only enhanced my knowledge but also the reality in the industry. In this organization not only increased my thinking ability but also communication skill. I'm very thankful to newreka for giving this opportunity to work.

Samiksha Patel, Green Chemist, R&D, Billimora

In April-2012, I joined Newreka as a fresher. I am fortunate to work on Green Chemistry 'Newreka Green Synth Technologies is a Green Chemistry based company. Its main aim is to give solutions for a pollution free environment by building up processes which are Green, clean and sustainable. I'm very thankful to newreka for giving this opportunity.