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2010 icon Nominated for Sustainability Award at Inform Ex2010, San Francisco, USA
2009 icon Formation of Green ChemisTree Foundation as a philanthropic expression to spread awareness on Green Chemistry and Green Engineering concepts in private and public sectors
  icon Organized World’s first Industrial Green Chemistry Workshop (IGCW-2009)
2008 icon Received the Indo-US GCNC award for Industrial application of Green Chemistry Solutions
  icon Established fully operational R&D center at Bilimora, Gujarat
  icon Team grew to 100 members
  icon Created new Formulation Unit at Bhiwandi, Maharashtra
  icon Launched exclusive nature outbound-training programme for team members on ‘Biomimicry’ concepts
2007 icon Established new entity and brand- Newreka Green Snyth Technologies
2006 icon Team grew to 50 members.
  icon Commercialized technology for 3-Amino Acetophenone with complete recycle of Mother Liquor. Commercialized water-based technology for 3-Hydroxy Acetophenone with complete recycle to produce Off-White quality product. Breakthrough in Nitration technology at laboratory scale. Nitration of Naphthalene successfully conducted without Sulphuric Acid, using Green Catalyst.
  icon 1st Participation in a major international exhibition “ Chemspec ’2006 ” as an exhibitor.
  icon 3-Hydroxy Acetophenone & 4- Amino Phthalimide launched in market. Received 1st export order of Green Synth from Japan.
2005 icon Lab scale technology developed for 5-step synthesis of Nevirapine intermediate, using principles of Green Chemistry.
  icon “Green Synth” launched for manufacturing of Reduction based pharmaceutical intermediates using NRT.
2004 icon Application R&D set-up at Solapur & Ahmedabad go fully operational with special focus on Multi – Stage Pharmaceutical Intermediates & Dye Intermediates respectively.
  icon 80% of Sildenafil Citrate intermediate in the country was being manufactured using NRT.
  icon Newreka received 1st export order for Newreka Reduction Catalyst (NRC) from a Pharma company in based in Middle East.
2003 icon Team grew to 50 people.
  icon Dombivili knowledge R &D set-up became fully operational, working in 3 shifts, conducting 20 experiments per day.
2002 icon Innovative technology for Nitro to Amine reduction step in Sildenafil Citrate developed and commercialized replacing conventional technologies like SnCl2/HCl and Catalytic Hydrogenation with NRT.
2001 icon Innovative technology for 4-Amino Phthalimide (intermediate for Citalopram) developed and commercialized first time in India, using DMF extraction route. Started regular participation in major International Exhibitions like CPhI & Chemspec.
2000 icon The team grew to 20 people.
  icon Breakthrough in commercial scale production of p-Amino Phenol using Newreka Reduction Technology (NRT). For the first time in history, around 1,00,000 liters of water was recycled over 100 times, in the reduction process.
1999 icon R&D Work started for key Nitro to Amine Reduction molecules in various industry sectors
Pidilite Industries Ltd. became our first customer in Pigment Sector.
1998 icon Conducted a study of “Unit Process Reduction” in more than 20 Chemical Plants and identified over 100 Nitro to Amine molecules for application of Green Chemistry Principles.
1997 icon Newreka Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. was founded on the Principles of Green Chemistry to create a fusion of passion for chemical engineering and commitment to the Environment.
1996 icon Professional Chemical Engineers with a passion for Nature came together with NEW (Nature’s Enthusiast World), to create Nature Awareness through children across city of Mumbai.